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Brighton Training & Workshop Course Dates

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Information 0n the Different Workshop Formats and Structures

One Day Taster Workshops and Practitioner Training

One Day Taster Workshops.

This is a wonderful opportunity to become immersed in the delights of this wonderful massage.

The workshop includes:

The aloha spirit
The ancient and modern wisdom of Hawaii
Music, chants and Hula dance music
Demonstrations of Hawaiian Massage
Discussion of it’s benefits and how these can be achieved
Hands on experience of basic back strokes
Unique differences between this and other forms of massage

Open to everyone.  This workshop is especially appealing to:

Students who wish to gain hands on experience before starting the Practitioner Training
Practitioners who wish to earn valuable credits towards their Continuing Profession Development targets (CPD)

Hawaiian Massage Practitioner Training
Practitioner Training Programme
There are two options for the Hawaiian Massage Practitioner Training


Option One – Progressive
Four Lessons of two days each, held every month

This is perfect for students who wish to progress through the training at a regular pace without interrupting other commitments. This is designed to fit into busy lives in a manageable and consistent way.

Option Two – Fast Track
Two Modules of four days each, held two months apart. A Module is comprised of two Lessons

This is designed to accommodate experienced students who wish to work more intensively over a succession of days and to complete the training in a shorter period of time.

Both training options:

Cover the same syllabus
Have a total of 10 days training
Require 5 case studies
Conclude with a 2 day Final Assessment two months after the last Lesson or Module
Offer accredited Certification
Weekday and weekend dates are scheduled throughout the year.
Trainings are held regularly in London and Brighton as well as other locations on request.

The three major topics covered within the syllabus work together as a unified whole, building, deepening and broadening with each successive days training.

Massage Skills:

Traditional Hawaiian Massage
Exercises to increase confidence, concentration and stamina
Hula dance movements, music and chants to enhance massage performance
Related body therapies, anatomy, physiology and science that reveal the theory relating to the therapeutic benefits
How to work effortlessly with good posture, body alignment, enthusiasm and joy

Personal Development and Philosophy:

Developing the Aloha Spirit within ourselves as well as in the massage
Learning and applying the principles of the ancient and modern wisdom of Hawaii
Understanding how the body, mind, emotions and spirit interact
Working with rituals, healing and awareness
Empowering yourself, your life and the massage

Working with Clients:

Developing the ability to engage with clients more deeply on many levels
Tailoring massage sessions for individual clients
Implementing professional standards
Building your practice

Students learn essential skills to a high standard of performance over a balanced period of time. They leave feeling competent and with a newly found appreciation of themselves, both as a person as well as a practitioner.

The final review and assessment is an opportunity to demonstrate the ability and aptitude to meet the required standards of the UK Training Centre for the performance of Hawaiian Massage.