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Hawaiian Kahuna Massage, LomiLomi
By Rosalie Samet
Yoga Magazine
January 2005

This is a wonderful all body experience in which science, wisdom, beauty and joy come together as one in the core of our being.

Often described as ‘the loving touch my body has been longing for’ Lomilomi at best opens mind, body and soul to a new experienced and appreciation of existence.

Simply contemplating the mystery of existence stretches the mind to it’s limits.  Receiving a physical stimulus that triggers an all body cellular identification with the essence of our own existence truly takes us into new depths of self appreciation and regard.

The spirits of the Gods (wisdom, beauty, joy, love and peace) come alive in our bodies to teach us about ourselves. From the depths of our microcosm to the awesome magnitude of our macrocosm, the bliss of existence washes through us and renews fortitude and trust.

With the joyfulness of Angels, we rise up from the massage table and take up again the worldly path to self knowing. Renewed with optimism and new resources the challenges ahead seem within our stride.  There is a willingness to cooperate more fully with life impulse as it reveals itself in the little ways of self discovery.

It is up to us as we progress along our life’s journey to learn how to use our perceptions and human attributes to receive and learn from life.  Wisdom schools throughout the ages have offered mankind this advice and help.  Sometimes their teachings make this learning complex and difficult and sometimes as easy as changing direction.’

Kahuna Massage
Massage World
September 2004

‘The Kahuna Priests were Masters of the Art of Bodywork.  They perfected the practice of massage, manipulation and healing with the use of potentized natural life forces, making full use of the subtle powers of prayer, breath, suggestion, loving touch, movement, energy, sound and consciousness.  In addition to these they also activated the physical powers of herbs and herbal infusions, sea salt, heated stones and a variety of foods and product within the locality that had the properties of similarity or could produce a desired result.

The purpose of using all these different modalities, singularly or together, was to facilitate the most effective ways to communicate directly with the inner most intelligence of Body, Mind and Spirit with Nature to bring about profound change and extraordinary healing.

The Kahuna power in Lomi Lomi is a reflection of the world view of the people of ancient Hawaii and their intimate and sacred relationship with Nature and Spirit. They regarded all things in existence to be connected, alive, intelligent, conscious, self-determining and able to be communicated with for the mutual benefit for all and held together absolutely with universal goodness and love.

From their point of view, an object was not just an object but also a living, thinking, feeling Being. Contained within this Being were a multitude of other smaller living, thinking feeling Beings and all these were contained within a larger and more complex being as well as all the others.

In Hawaiian Philosophy this is known as the Principle of Family and described as Universes within Universes.’