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Rosalie Samet

Rosalie Samet - Founder and Principle of Hawaiian Massage UK Training Centre.

Rosalie is a passionate pioneer, visionary and leader in personal and spiritual development.  Born in North America she learnt Hawaiian Massage in Hawaii with Kahuna Masters of Hawaiian Wisdom, Shamanism and Massage. Now a Master Practitioner and Trainer in the sacred art of Hawaiian Massage she has been practicing Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage in the UK since 1990. Rosalie was one of first teachers to offer practitioner trainings in 1997 and has been a dynamic force in bringing Hawaiian Massage to the UK. 

Rosalie has created her own unique, nurturing style of teaching.  She offers Practitioner Trainings and One Day Taster Workshops both for experienced students and complete beginners. Trainings are given in small intimate groups with a great emphasis on personal attention. The courses are as much about individual development as they are about the techniques of the massage. Students receive the added benefits of gaining more self-awareness, empowerment with a deeper understanding of the nature of life.

The Hawaiian Massage UK Training Centre is based in Brighton and central London where the One Day Taster Workshops and Practitioner Training are held.  Upon request Rosalie is happy to offer Practitioner Training in other locations here and abroad. One-to-One Sessions of Hawaiian Massage are also offered in Brighton as well as at the renowned Hale clinic in London.

Rosalie has always had a heartfelt interest in all things spiritual and at eight years of age knew she would pursue the path of truth in her adult life.  She first became filled with compassion for the plight of humanity whilst working as a State Registered Nurse in the USA. Upon the birth of her children the desire to honour the innocence and purity of life led her to explore the holistic approach of education, self-development and lifestyle choices. 

Throughout her adult life she has focused her attention on the extraordinary benefits available to everyone through the processes of personal and spiritual development.  Rosalie is a devotee of philosophical, spiritual, and mystical teachings from around the world.   Her esoteric interests range from A to Z.  She is especially impressed by the Huna Wisdom of Hawaii which she believes offers clear and powerful, yet easy to live, principles for self responsibility and empowerment.

Rosalie was the founder and proprietor of a spiritual healing sanctuary and guesthouse for ten years. This was a uniquely magical and informal ‘home away-from home’ centre for learning how to live a sacred lifestyle.  Inviting visitors to find their own goodness and beauty this was a living demonstration of a deeply nurturing, enriching and transformational space.

Rosalie Samet is a rare and un-diluted soul with a wealth of knowledge to share with a restless world.  She lives her life as a reflection of her spiritual values and is shinning light of purity, commitment to truth and inner peace, love and freedom. Her teaching is profound, compelling and life changing.

Rosalie is a member of the Massage Training Institute and the Association of Physical and Natural Therapies, Rosalie is also a Master Trainer of NLP, Hypnotherapy and Reiki as well as qualified yoga teacher.