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For Hawaiian Massage Practitioner Trainings, One Day Taster Workshops and One-to-One Sessions please contact:

Rosalie Samet
Hawaiian Massage UK Training Centre
Tel: 01273 730508
Mob: 07974 083432

"I have been a masseuse from 15 years, and in that time I’ve attended every kind of massage training there is. I learnt more in one day with Rosalie than I have in all those years put together.  Hawaiian Massage is by far the best massage I have found!"
Tonie Bukin

"Synthesizing ancient with modern, the Hawaiian Massage UK Training Centre offers a realistic, practical and spiritual interpretation of traditional massage from Hawaii. It is truly a unique opportunity and privilege to become a member of this honoured lineage of healing tradition."
Rosalie Samet


Hawaiian Massage is the Massage of the Future with Deep Roots from the Past.